What does an elder law lawyer do?

What does an elder law lawyer do?
Have you ever heard the term elder law and were wondering what such a lawyer does? Let Hayman Lawyers explain how an elder law lawyer can help and what they can do for you! As their name suggests, elder law lawyers advocate for the elderly and their loved ones. Elder law lawyers are specialists in supporting adults and seniors, whose needs often differ from younger adults and children. Elder law is a specialty of estate planning, and lawyers can offer legal advice on preparing for long-term care, health care, guardianship and other estate planning matters. This type of legal support is an ongoing process, where the lawyer becomes your partner and learns about your needs to prepare you for a positive future where your assets, finances and health are all protected. There is no set age where you should contact an elder law lawyer, but by the age of 60, you should start the planning process. The longer you wait to get legal advice, the more risk there is that your estate won’t be protected, as you might lose your capacity due to health issues. It is a good idea to start estate planning early and also involve your children to ensure that everything will work as you wish. Elder law lawyers can handle a range of different challenging situations and are equipped to help older people with their sensitive emotional and physical needs. Here are a few things that an elder law lawyer can help you with:
  • Set up an enduring power of attorney: This person will act on your behalf if you lose mental capacity due to any health issues. They will make the decisions regarding your estate and assets, so it is important that you select a reliable person that you trust.
  • Help you set up a will and highlight the importance of estate planning: We give legal advice on whether you should set up a will to protect your assets and ensure everything goes to your wishes after you pass away. An elder law lawyer helps you understand the importance of estate planning and will provide you with the necessary advice.
  • Talk about your health care and planning: Everyone wants to live a full and happy life even when they are older. Elder law lawyers help you plan for long term care, including finding facilities and managing any assisted living costs.
  • Nursing home support: It’s important to find a place to live where you will enjoy your last years of life. We explain the nursing home resident rights, and complete the purchase of the licence to occupy.
Elder law lawyers offer excellent benefits for the elderly. They ensure that all your estate, finances and legal matters are in line with your wishes and give you peace of mind that your assets will be protected even when you might not be able to do that yourself. Their specialist knowledge enables them to handle the most challenging and sensitive situations, and you will always have someone on hand to help you. Hayman Lawyers have expert elder law lawyers who can help with all estate planning and ensure that you and your assets are protected even in your senior years. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you and to learn about why it is important to start planning early for your elderly years!
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