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Buying a business
Common “reasons” for not forming a family trust (and why they are incorrect)
Company incorporation
Conveyancing costs
Duties of trustees
Executors’ liability periods (when can you distribute money to beneficiaries)
Funeral trusts
Gifting to family trusts
HL Privacy Statement
Life-interest wills
New Trusts Act 2019
Relationship property
Resettlement of family trusts
Wills and EPOAs

Asset protection and family trusts

We have put together comprehensive notes on trusts and asset protection. We would like feedback on our notes and we ask you to contact us to obtain your free copy. You will be contacted by us at a later date to offer you a free 30-minute meeting to see whether trusts could help your family and yourself. There is no obligation to instruct us.

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 costs

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