Business Structure Services

It is important to structure your business correctly at the start so that it is tax-efficient and your personal liability is minimised.

Hayman Lawyers will help you examine the relative merits for you of:

  • sole traders
  • partnerships
  • companies
  • joint ventures
  • qualifying companies
  • trusts
  • charitable trusts
  • incorporated societies
  • other associations

The Companies Act 1993 provides a complex framework for the incorporation and operation of companies in New Zealand. Hayman Lawyers are able to ensure that your company complies with it.

We can assist you with:

  • company incorporation
  • your company’s constitution
  • the legal nature of shares and the rights and powers of shareholders
  • the issue and transfer of shares
  • distributions to shareholders
  • the role of directors and their duties
  • court proceedings against companies
  • financial reporting requirements
  • mergers, acquisitions and corporate structuring
  • arrangements with creditors and insolvency issues
  • securities law
  • shareholder and joint venture agreements

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