Five things to include in your will

Five things to include in your will
People make wills to put into writing how they want to distribute their assets once they are gone and to ensure that their family is provided for. Wills make the lives of family members easier and reduce the likelihood of complications during the legal and financial processes. If you don’t have a will in place, then what you wish to happen with your estate and assets might not actually go that way in reality. Getting legal support before writing a will is essential to ensure that everything goes to order and the document is legally sound. Here are five things that Hayman Lawyers advises that you should include in your will.

Appointing executors to administer your estate

Choosing a trusted executor to administer your will is going to ensure your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. The executor is the person responsible for making sure the will is carried out the way that you want when you are gone, so it is essential to select someone who is trustworthy and will respect your wishes.  The executor can be your partner or adult children. Estate administration can be a complex and stressful process, but Hayman Lawyers can assist your executors through the process. Take the time to choose someone who will keep your and your family’s interests in mind.

Guardians for your children

To prepare for any emergencies and sudden changes in your family’s circumstances, appointing a testamentary guardian is essential. This will ensure that your children under the age of 18 will be cared for in the event if you prematurely pass away. This is particularly important if both parents have died or if the parents are separated and one parent dies.

Gifts you wish to make to family members

If you have valuable items, such as jewellery, artwork or cash, you should include who you want them to go to when you pass away. As an example, there could be a family watch that you would want to leave for your son or jewellery for your daughters. Create a list of the gifts and name these people carefully in your will to avoid any conflicts about the ownership of these items. Ensure you make it very clear to make it easy for your family members to understand who the gifts are for.

How your assets should be distributed

Include specific instructions about how you want your assets, properties and estate distributed. To avoid any complications, make sure you accurately list all of your assets and people, whether it’s to your children, grandchildren, siblings, charities and amongst others. Most of the time, we see people leave their estate to be distributed equally amongst their children. Get advice from a lawyer to ensure that all your assets are accurately described and left to the people you want.

Specific instructions to your will

As there are so many aspects of a will, it is important to include any specific instructions you may have in regards to it. This often includes instructions for revoking any previous wills that you have made or if you have got divorced and there are new changes to your will. This is going to make sure that your will is up to date!

Get in touch with Hayman Lawyers for support

Contact our friendly lawyer team to get legal advice about writing a will. We h0elp you create a legally sound document that protects your assets and ensures your family members get the estate that you wish to leave to them. Hayman Lawyers will support you every step of the way!
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