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Probate application

When you are part of a will, where the deceased person’s estate includes real estate, you will need to apply for probate to the High Court.

There are strict legal requirements and specific ways to set out probate, making it difficult to complete without a lawyer.

If you decide to fill out such a court form without specialist legal advice, it may be declined, and the process of getting your estate is likely to take longer.

At Hayman Lawyers, we can help create the probate application in the right way, so you don’t have to worry about the process during such a difficult time.

Hayman Lawyers, the probate experts

When you find yourself in a situation where you are an executor of a will, where the deceased had assets over the value of $15,000, you will need to apply for probate. The Hayman Lawyers team is experienced in filling out court forms and ensuring that the High Court formally accepts the will as the last will.

We will:

  • File for probate with the High Court,
  • Ensure all legal requirements are met,
  • Prepare you for probate,
  • Reduce the possibility of delays in receiving your estate, and
  • Support you in any way throughout the process.

Our team will ensure that the deceased person’s will is formally accepted and that the executors can move on with administering the estate. Hayman Lawyers will make this difficult process simple and support you in the complicated time of your life.

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Are you wanting to make an application for probate to the High Court but are unsure about the legal requirements? Contact Hayman Lawyers now, who will do this process for you and ensure your experience is smooth and straightforward during this difficult time. We will support you and answer your questions in any way we can!

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