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Here's some of the feedback our clients have given us recently!

“Shanthi was fantastic. She helped us navigate the complications of buying our first home, including all the additional stuff involved in a house and land package. She was so patient with us, and always so professional. Thanks so much!”

Ashley Krynen
January 2022

“Hayman Lawyers work the extra mile to help their clients, they are the best firm we have worked with and they made our first home buying with regards to legal matters very easy to understand. When we started our legal consultation, we used to live in Wellington then eventually moved here to Christchurch. We finalised our sale and purchase agreement settlement very easily even via zoom. Shanthi Aitkin is absolutely brilliant with her work, I will definitely recommend her to all my friends and relatives. Thanks Shanthi for working the extra mile for us.”

Kris and Jewel Pajarillaga
October 2021

“My experience with John and the team is that are experienced and professional, they give sensible and practical advice, and they are great value for money. They do a great job on conveyancing matters and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.”

Chris Sheehan
August 2021

“I've known and worked with John for years and love his service including that provided by his partners and team.”

Aaron Burke
March 2020

“I'm a person of very little knowledge when it comes to this sort of stuff. However, everything was a breeze, a walk in the park and very understandable. I never once felt confused and for that I am forever grateful that my first house purchased was very little stress for me.”

Stress free client

“I am relieved that this matter has now been concluded satisfactorily and would like to thank you for the excellent work you did on our behalf.”

Letter after Tribunal proceedings

“Thank you John for navigating me through my first employment mediation. I found the process stressful, however your guidance and advice led to a good outcome. I can sleep better now.”

Well rested client

“I'm very happy with services from Shanthi. It is my first time having lawyer service. I have already referred others, and they are happy with her service as well.”

Patlada Thanatwaranon
January 2022

“John was fantastic, had a problem and he sorted it out. I was very impressed.”

Graham Winfield
October 2021

“Professional, took the time to explain everything. Responded immediately to requests. Shanthi and Andie did a great job. Their quick response allows me an advantage in speed to making an offer on a home the day after the open home.”

Pete Hanrahan
July 2021

“The Team has been lovely to deal with - very efficient and personable. This is the 2nd matter that they've acted for me on and I will definitely be using them again!”

January 2020

“Hayman Lawyers helped us out with a tricky unit title and section merger. We had previously attempted this through another lawyer to no avail, but the Hayman Team came up with a very clever solution saving us both time and money. Thanks again!”

Lars and Marnie

“I would just like to thank you on behalf of my family for all the work you have put in on our behalf. What a long, slow process it has been. I have been looking back over the emails and realised again how much work was involved. It is a great relief to have it all finally completed. I really appreciate your perseverance with the trustee, your patience with the family when things seemed to stop moving and your timely advice at all times. I am very thankful for all that and that we can now put it behind us and move on.”

The Leith family

“Separating is one of the hardest things I have gone through in my life however the entire process was made much more bearable by the expertise and support from Hayman Lawyers. The Hayman Team is extremely efficient and knowledgeable. I felt my interests, and that of my children were being protected through out the separation process. That peace of mind was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Hayman Lawyers to anyone searching for a genuine, efficient and hard-working lawyers.”

February 2018

“John Evans is very helpful and patient and always gives the best professional advice to us.”

Annie Wang
October 2021

“We appreciated the good advice we received from John and the timely manner in which he communicated with us. Buying a home is a stressful process and we really appreciated having a seasoned legal practitioner on our side to guide us through the process and for the advice which we received on prior unsuccessful offers.”

September 2021

“5 Star service, Always helpful to me even when I was on the other side of the world. Many thanks to the Hayman Team.”

John Jackson
July 2020

“Andie is a fabulous lawyer. Always friendly, clear communicator. Told us everything we needed to know with the buying and selling of our property. We will keep using Andie for professional advice in the future.”

December 2019

“Thank you very much for guiding us through the process. I had no idea of some of the complexities and considerations involved. We are especially grateful to you for executing your responsibilities as a trustee so professionally and for protecting the interests of `{`family member`}` and considering so thoroughly her welfare. There was a lot for us to get our head around and a lot of thinking needed to find an ownership and cash flow arrangement that would be beneficial to all parties. Thank you for putting in late hours to ensure we were able to complete the purchase by the agreed date.”

Email after the sale of a business

“When my mother passed away I needed to contact Hayman Lawyers to sort out her Estate and other related issues. From the first phone call I made to the last one, I felt very comfortable with whole process. It was obviously an emotional time and at all times I was treated with respect and compassion and in a most professional manner. Most of my contact was with Wendy Lindsay and she was so caring and understanding at all times. It certainly helped with the grieving process.”

Christine Tijsen

More than anything else you want a lawyer who will provide you with solutions. At Hayman Lawyers, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide great advice on almost any situation.