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Subdivide Your Property

Thinking about subdividing?

Subdividing is nowadays a common occurrence, especially in major cities across New Zealand. When you have a larger land than what you need, you can divide it and establish separate legal titles for your new sections.

Subdivision is however a complicated process that needs to follow the rules and regulations of your local Council and might need the signature of your neighbours and the involvement of other professionals.

If you want to go through this complex process, a solicitor will be able to make it an easier journey with likely better results. At Hayman Lawyers we can help you with your subdivision from start to finish.

Hayman Lawyers, the property experts

The team at Hayman Lawyers can make even the more complex subdivisions a reality for you. If you are ready to start this journey get in touch with us and we will:

  • Give you advice and plan the process,
  • Review your subdivision plans,
  • Prepare a subdivision consent form for the council with the help of surveyors,
  • Help you with the issue of titles after the survey plan has been accepted, and
  • Ensure you keep to the timeframes given by the council.

If you would like to subdivide, make sure you contact a lawyer before you begin the process, so that any potential issues can be identified and eliminated early on.

Hayman Lawyers have experience in subdivisions and can make the process simpler for you. We will work together with your surveyor, accountant, and other professionals and give advice on any enquiries you might have about the subdivision.

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At Hayman Lawyers we are here to help you achieve your subdivision in the most problem free way possible. We will sit down and work together with you as a team and be there to help whenever you need us. Get in contact with us now to start a conversation!

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More than anything else you want a lawyer who will provide you with solutions. At Hayman Lawyers, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide great advice on almost any situation.