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Contesting A Will

Contesting a will with Hayman Lawyers

Have you been left out of a will? Do you feel you have been disadvantaged compared to others in your family?

Then you might want to consider contesting the will.

The process will likely be complicated, and you need to know the criteria for challenging a will to be successful in the process.

Before contesting the will, there are many things to consider: how will this affect your family relationships and what you want the outcome of the challenge to be.

Hayman Lawyers can support you right from the beginning when you decide to contest until you get the outcome you want!

We are experts in contesting wills

Once you are not satisfied with the will, Hayman Lawyers will discuss if you have the grounds to contest it. We will go over the content to determine whether any legal issues can be found and advise you on what you can do to achieve a better outcome for yourself.

We will:

  • Formally notify the estate that the will is going to be contested,
  • Obtain further information about the value of the estate,
  • Attempt to settle the matter without going to court, and
  • If no settlement is made, support you in taking the contest to court.

At Hayman Lawyers, we are experienced in contesting wills and providing support to our clients during this difficult time. We will ensure that you get the outcome you are legally entitled to and that your contesting process is as hassle-free as possible.

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If you have decided you would like to contest a will, the team at Hayman Lawyers will be there to help you. Get in contact with us now to discuss your needs, and we will be supporting you the whole way.

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