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Sexual harassment in the workplace

The light was shown on the harassment in the workplace issue in the past few years after the Me too campaign, and other publications have been widely debated.

Sexual harassment can occur to anyone regardless of who they work for or what their occupation is. It includes more than seeking sexual favours in return for a payrise or advancement and can take many different forms of conduct.

It is essential to consult a lawyer when you would like to raise such concerns with your employer to ensure that your rights are protected and you are supported during this serious process.

Hayman Lawyers are here to support you

When you come to us with a workplace harassment concern, we will ensure that you are comfortable in our offices, as we understand the severity of these situations. Hayman Lawyers have been advocating against these issues for the past, and we want to help support you through these difficult times.

In New Zealand law, the Employment Relations Act 2000 defines sexual harassment, and when you come to us, we can help you explain what this act entails.

Your lawyer will help you highlight the severity of the issue through a timeline of occurrences and how they have impacted you physically and emotionally. We will ensure your employer understands the health and safety issue and the severity of the situation and puts rules into place so it won’t happen again.

The team at Hayman Lawyers will support you through this personal issue and will work to find the best resolution for your situation.

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It is important to consult a professional when you find you have been harassed at your workplace. A lawyer can help you highlight exactly how this is a health and safety concern and why your organisation should do something against it. Get in touch with us if you would like a friendly and experienced lawyer to support you through these difficult times.

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