Some lending institutions and solicitors offer "cheap" fees for buying and selling houses. We invite you to consider whether the savings they offer are worthwhile. It seems to us that all "cheap" operations share a common factor - they require you to accept a lower level of service or safety than we provide.

Our fee for a normal purchase with one mortgage is in the region of $1,500, plus GST. Disbursements (the money we pay on your behalf, such as registration fees) are extra. The potential saving from using one of the budget-price conveyancing services is in the region of $500.

Competition is OK

We at Hayman Lawyers are not against competition. We only want the cost of our service to be compared with the cost of services that provide the same standards as ours. We recommend that before accepting a cheap fee offer, you check whether you will be adequately serviced and protected. We invite you to consider what elements of our service are missing from the cheap offer and whether the worry and extra costs you may suffer from using it are worth the potential cost difference. You could regard the extra cost as a worthwhile insurance premium.

Click here for a chart that allows you to compare features of our service with the service offered by others.

Missing Elements

In the case of lawyers who charge low fees, we have found that some dispense with elements of what we consider are essential for professional service. For example, they may not offer the following services (with consequences noted in brackets):

  • a receptionist (the lawyer may be hard to contact)
  • a trust account (you may have to use another firm's trust account)
  • adequate deed storage (your deeds may get lost)
  • backup personnel (you may breach your contract because the lawyer is unavailable due to sickness)
  • offices (contact may be unpredictable and custody of deeds doubtful)
  • negligence insurance (you may have to bear any losses yourself)
  • qualified staff to do your work (a secretary may do it)
  • research or litigation capability (you may have to engage a costly litigation specialist)

We are highly experienced

Hayman Lawyers has a team of solicitors, most of whom have extensive conveyancing experience. Buying and selling houses are major transactions. We consider you need an accessible lawyer who is dedicated to looking after your interests. For instance, if you don't have a lawyer responsible to you, who can you call when:

  • the local authority says the balcony must be removed?
  • a neighbour says you can't use "your" drive?
  • your spouse says the house is theirs?

Good legal work is more than filling in forms

Issues can arise when purchasing property, such as whether you should take title as joint tenants or tenants-in-common (in equal or specified percentage shares). You may also need advice on wills, trusts, and matrimonial and de facto property law. Only a qualified lawyer can help you on these complex issues.